And so it begins…

Finally I decided to put my hands on it and kick start my blog into life. But what is this all about?

Well, I have to be honest: that truly depends on when you ask me. Only one thing is sure: It’s going to be about computers and programming.

That’s why I chose the name. I’ve been wandering through the world of computing with so many different interests, that I just feel like scheduler: Switching Contexts back and forth among different tasks and ideas.

So I can’t really tell you much about what’s about to unfold here, only the current batch of interests boiling in my mind.

I’ve been diving in the land of Lisp Dialects and Programming Language Interpreters, which means I’ll most likely discuss techniques involved and post reviews for books on the subject. I’m currently writing my own Scheme interpreter (isn’t it like a rite of passage?), so expect to hear about it in the blog, too.

I’m also very interested in the idea of using problems to teach. Taking simple (or not-so-simple) problems and discussing implementations to their solutions, with the trade-offs and ideas involved. To that effect, I’ll probably post discussions on problems from Programming Praxis and Project Euler.

But to be truly honest, that is just how it is today. Tomorrow I might be talking about compilers, build scripts, an interesting algorithm I just found out or whatever. So, welcome to the maelstrom, and I hope you enjoy your ride as much as I plan to.

The main intent behind this is to provide an outlet to my brainstorms and to gather feedback from whoever might be interested. So don’t be shy: join me in the comments section and let’s play this game together.


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